\(ˈ)ā|täpik, (ˈ)a|-, əˈ-, -ēk\ adjective
Etymology: in sense 1, from a- (II) + Greek topos place + English -ic; in sense 2, from atopy + -ic — more at topic
1. of an organ of the body : not in the usual place
2. : relating to or characterized by atopy

atopic dermatitis

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atopic 7 [eɪˈtɒpɪk] [eɪˈtɑːpɪk] adjective (medical)
relating to a form of ↑allergy where there is a reaction in a part of the body that does not have direct contact with the thing causing the ↑allergy
Word Origin:
[atopic] early 20th cent.: from Greek atopia ‘unusualness’, from atopos ‘unusual’, from a- ‘without’ + topos ‘place’.

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